The Admissions Process

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Coutin School is a Nonpublic School, contracted with LAUSD, local districts and charter schools.  

Here are the steps in the Admissions Process:

  • Parents/Guardians obtain a Referral Letter from the local district that lists Coutin School as a school to visit.
  • Referral Letter and a copy of the IEP are sent to the Office Manager.
  • Once the Referral Letter and IEP have been reviewed, the Office Manager
  • contacts the parents/guardians to schedule an Intake Meeting and Tour.
  • Parents/Guardians and student attend Intake Meeting with the Dean of Students.
  • The Admissions Team meets to discuss if the student is a good fit for Coutin
  • School, and if the school can best meet the needs of the student.
  • The Dean informs the parents/guardians of the Admissions Team’s decision.
  • Once accepted, the parents/guardians complete an intake packet and send proof of immunizations. 
  • The Office Manager requests transcripts.
  • The Principal creates the new student’s schedule.

Students cannot start until Coutin School is named in the IEP. Once the IEP and all intake paperwork have been completed, and all transcripts have been received, the transition to enrollment at Coutin School can begin.

If you have questions about Coutin School’s Admissions process, or would like to schedule a tour, please contact the Office Manager, Bonnae Mastroianni, at 818.992.0301 or


"I am very happy (my son) will be staying at Coutin because I feel it is where he is best supported. (My son) struggled for many years in the “normal” or “traditional” school setting where he was often misunderstood and mislabeled as the bad kid."

–Kristina Martinez, Coutin Parent

Coutin School