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Coutin School offers the following electives:

  • Art
  • Ceramics
  • Consumer Math 
  • Drama
  • Environmental Science
  • Psychology 

Following are a few examples of how the on-campus classes have been adapted for Distance Learning:


The Drama Class recently focused on exploring contemporary musicals (Lin-Manuel Miranda- “In The Heights,” “Hamilton,” etc…), doing Dramaturgy, Textual Analysis, and Cultural Analysis. The Drama Class is now utilizing additional innovative methods of incorporating technology for greater interaction and performance opportunities. 

Once we return to campus, students learn the Principles of Drama; technically Theater, Introduction to Improvisation, Introduction to Characterization, and culminates with the students writing One-Act Plays. The end of the year focuses primarily on Production (in a recent year the class performed a student-adapted version of Romeo and Juliet). 


The Ceramics Class focuses on everything except studio work through video and google classroom during Distance Learning. Students learned to appreciate ceramics from a historical perspective through study of original pieces at a variety of online sources e.g. Yale Art Gallery) that span from neolithic times through to the present. The Ceramics Class will also include at-home studio work, by delivering polymer clay and tools to homes each week and then working together with the instructor in Zoom meetings. Polymer clay can be baked at home (with parent supervision) and then sanded and painted.

Once we return to campus, students will gain an understanding of cultural and human expression in sculpture through field trips, slides and films, students view historic and contemporary examples of fine ceramic art. In the Studio component of the class, students learn various techniques in clay, firing, and glazing, resulting in a portfolio of finished pieces by the end of the semester.

Consumer Math

The content of Consumer Math is designed to provide the students with a review of the fundamental computational operations; this content is easily adaptable to both in-person and remote learning. Students work with applications of mathematics in everyday life. Topics studied include such business and personal math areas as: personal finance, housing, transportation, taxes, insurance, and investments, purchasing and budgeting.

During Distance Learning the Google Classroom assignments in Consumer Math cover the same areas as the on campus class, but are supplemented with short videos on topics from paychecks to taxes. This information is then covered in zoom sessions with the teacher for more in-depth discussion. Students complete brief assessments to verify that they understand the topic before moving on to the next one.


"There aren’t enough words that I can express how great this school is. Every single staff member truly cares about each and every student there. They are very personable and if you visit, you can see what a great relationship they have with the students. Simply amazing!"

– Patty Flores, Coutin Parent

Coutin School