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A message from the Principal

“We are here for you and your students during these unprecedented challenging times. We have created an online curriculum in order to keep the continuity of learning, prevent any conflicts of scheduling, and provide both students and teachers sufficient time to teach and learn on a daily basis.

Our administrators, counseling staff, coordinators, and other support staff are here for you and your family as well.

We are all in this and will get through it together.”

–Karen Cano, Principal

Distance Learning and Safe Return

Coutin School is committed to providing quality educational experiences and services.   During this time of distance learning, as we do when we are on campus, the staff at Coutin continues to be flexible and innovative, ready to try new approaches, and find what works best for each student.

Utilizing a variety of tools and techniques, we strive to keep students engaged in the academic process, connected to our Counseling Department, and to foster a continued sense of community through special online activities.

Personalized academic packets are delivered to each student to supplement what they are learning in their classes.  Therapeutic materials and journals to use during and in between therapy sessions with counselors,  as well as materials for electives (please see the Electives Page for examples), and even special treats and snacks are delivered to students.

Zoom interactive video sessions are also used for many fun class and school-wide activities; such as lunch hangouts and weekly game play (murder mystery games and online Jeopardy games that include staff trivia) where both staff and students participate.

The clinical team will be hosting New Student Zoom Groups to help the new students acclimate to Coutin School, find a student mentor, and adjust to Distance Learning.

The administration at Coutin School is closely monitoring the latest news from LAUSD, the California Department of Education, and state and local health authorities.

We will not open our campus to students until it is absolutely safe to do so. When we do, we will follow the guidelines of LAUSD, the CDE, the CDC, and our own extra precautions we are putting into place. When the time is right, students will return to a safe and nurturing environment.

A Message to the students!

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"We are forever grateful to everyone at the Coutin School for giving our son a second chance, and for supporting him all the way, and helping him to mature."

–The Kacherov Family, Coutin Parents

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