Athletics and Physical Education

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The Athletics Department is comprised of Team Sports and Physical Education (P.E.).

Team Sports

All teams are co-ed allowing all students to play on any team. Students need to be in
good academic and behavioral standing to participate in Team Sports.

Team Sports include basketball, football, volleyball, softball, soccer, and track and field.
We travel to each opponent’s home field for games. Staff and students are encouraged
to support our teams and often attend the games, especially during championships.

Physical Education

P.E. classes take place at the local parks or on campus. On campus classes enjoy
activities such as yoga, “Zumba,” and games such as jump rope and hula-hoops. P.E.
classes at the park enjoy basketball, running, walking, softball, kickball, tetherball,
Frisbee, and other outdoor games that get the kids moving.

During Distance Learning, students in P.E. watch videos about different topics in
physical health, nutrition and participate together in exercise activities while on zoom.

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