Our Staff

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Eileen Lake
Director, MFT

As the School Director, Eileen Lake ensures that the school runs smoothly through managing the facilities and staff by overseeing all administrative processes. She upholds the vision of the school in one that creates a positive-based learning environment where the the students excel academically, behaviorally and social-emotionally.


Karen Cano
Matt Conley
Assistant Principal/IEP Coordinator

This is Matt’s sixth year at Coutin School and his first as Assistant Principal. Matt works closely with teachers, therapists, parents and the school district in the scheduling, writing, and implementing of IEPs. He also manages Coutin’s Teacher Assistants and Adult Assistants ("one to one” aides" and is part of the Admissions Team.


Gordon Smith
Dean of Students, Certified CPI Instructor (Crises Prevention Interventionist) and Intake Manager
Monica Rickler Marks
Clinical Director, LMFT, ATR

Monica, our Clinical Director, runs the Counseling Department and supervises the counselors who see the students. She is a licensed marital and family therapist, as well as art therapist. Monica specializes in using expressive and creative therapeutic approaches with this population.


Allison Neilsen Joseph, MA
Lead Special Education Teacher

Allison, our Lead Teacher, is a dedicated educator who focuses on creating an individualized learning experience for each student. Her educational philosophy states, “meaningful learning occurs when lessons become fun and engaging, creating an environment of openness, collaboration, and joy.


Jazmine Ruano
Transportation Coordinator

Jazmine Ruano is the Transportation Director For Allsafe Transportation, a service provided to Coutin School and has been with Allsafe Transportation/Coutin School for 14 years.

Special Education Teaching Staff

Allison Neilsen Joseph
Lead Special Education Teacher
Dean Bigham
Special Education Teacher
Annemarie Gregorio
Special Education Teacher
David Kelly
Special Education Teacher
Dave Manning
Special Education Teacher
Rick Pendleton
Part-time Special Education Teacher

Counseling Department

Monica Marks
Clinical Director, LMFT, ATR
Johanna Pavlogianis
AMFT, Lead Counselor
Lorraine Priceman
Speech Therapist

Teacher Assistants

Manny Isarraras
Teacher Assistant/ Part-Time Special Education Teacher
Nancy Gonzalez
Teacher Assistant / Adult Assistant (1:1)
Sergio Alvarez
Teacher Assistant
Laurelle Flax
Teacher Assistant / Adult Assistant (1:1)
Jessica Hernandez
Teacher Assistant / Adult Assistant (1:1)
Albert Sanchez
Teacher Assistant/Adult Assistant (1:1)
George Coutin
Workability Coordinator/ Teacher Assistant / Adult Assistant (1:1)
Kevin Portillo
Teacher Assistant
Ashley Ruano
Teacher Assistant / Adult Assistant (1:1)
Betty Preciado
Coutin School Assistant

Office Staff

Bonnae Mastroianni
Main Office Administrator
Miguel Lopez
Jonathan Bonilla
Computer Technician
Coutin School