About Us

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Coutin School is a private learning environment dedicated to providing a personalized and technologically enhanced education for students with special learning and emotional needs.

We promote effective communicators and problem solvers who will become productive individuals and independent thinkers in the communities in which they live and serve.

Coutin School LLC is a small, non-public school (NPS) with grades 6-12, averaging about 60 students with special education funding from LAUSD (and other nearby charters and school districts) to attend our school.

Students are eligible to attend and receive special education services through IEPs (Individualized Education Plan). Most students have an eligibility of Emotionally Disturbed (ED), many have ADHD (under the heading of OHI, or Other Health Impairment), and many also have some other learning disability (under the heading of SLD, of Specific Learning Disability). Some of our students are currently in, or have come from, residential settings. We are proud of our ability to reach these students who have faced barriers to success. Coutin School offers many programs that work to meet the student’s needs in all facets of their life: Academic, Psychological, and Social.

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"She’s come so far that it’s just amazing. She would come home and tell us things that she learned in school; this is something she had never done before. "

–Patty Flores, Coutin Parent

Coutin School