Coutin School Campus Rules

Students are expected to follow all discipline guidelines and school rules outlined in this handbook. Coutin School is a closed campus during the regular school day.

  1. Students are not to possess drugs, alcohol, weapons, explosive devices, lighter, or  cigarettes at any time while on campus or AllSAFE transportation.
  2. Electronic devices can be used only before school, during lunch and after school. Balls, Frisbees, toys, laser lights, or other items, which may be disruptive, are prohibited. Such items can be confiscated and held until a parent picks up the item.
  3. Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., may not be ridden on campus and need to be locked up in the appropriate places.
  4. The taking and/or publishing of video and/or photography of any person on campus are prohibited without prior administrative authorization.
  5. Pets may not be brought to school.
  6. Students must follow the school dress code (see below).
  7. No visitors are allowed on campus during the school day except those who have obtained permission from the front office and have a visitor’s pass.
  8. Students are not to carry graffiti paraphernalia
  9. Teachers may keep students after school and parents will be notified.
  10. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. Coutin School strongly urges students to refrain from bringing valuable items to school at any time.
  11. All students attending field trips will be searched to ensure the safety of staff and students. Student’s who do not consent to the search, will not attend the trip. All students are subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion of contraband in their possession.

Common Classroom Rules

These guidelines are general rules of the school: teachers reserve the right to establish additional rules.

  1. Be in class, at workstation and prepared when the bell rings.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Students will demonstrate respect for one another (Do not interrupt, swear, use rude gestures, or participate in crude teasing, harassment or bullying).
  4. Eating, drinking or open food containers are not allowed in class. (No glass containers on campus)

Student Dress Regulations

Students are asked to wear clothing that is appropriate for the school setting. The Administration reserves the right to adjust the dress regulations as circumstances arise.

  1. State law requires that footwear be worn at all times
  2. Students should wear appropriate, non-distracting clean clothing.
  1. Students must wear an appropriate shirt at all times. (Examples of inappropriate shirts are: white tee shirts, high socks with long shorts, sleeveless undershirts, tube-tops, see-through tops, backless tops, strapless tops, low-cut etc.)
  2. Clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gangs, violence, or other inappropriate activity is not acceptable. [Gang attire will be defined by the current LAUSD guidelines.]
  3. Underwear of any kind should not be visible.
  4. Short shorts and skirts are not acceptable.

Any article of clothing that may be deemed disruptive or inappropriate by the staff or administration will not be acceptable on campus.

  1. Clothing must be appropriate to body type. While clothing on one person might be dress code compliant, it may not be compliant on another person with a different body type.

Violation of the dress code will result in requiring the student to change the inappropriate attire before continuing the school day. Refusal to comply will result in a day of suspension. Additional school consequences will be given to repeat offenders.


Electronic Device Policy

It is the intent of the Board of Education to regulate the use of electronic devices by establishing guidelines, which will ensure the continuation of a positive learning environment, which is free from unnecessary disruptions. Recognizing that students may be in possession of electronic devices at school, the Board does not assume liability if such devices are damaged, lost or stolen.

The guidelines for possession and use of electronic signaling devices at Coutin School shall be:

  1. Electronic devices are to remain in a secured place during the course of the school day.
  2. Electronic devices must be OFF, including vibrate mode, and put away during class time on campus (i.e.: students may not leave class with a pass to use their cell phone, all calls made during class time must be made from the main office with permission).
  3. Students who are ill must contact their parents from the nurse’s office, not from their cellular telephones.
  4. Students may only use their cellular telephones outside of class time.
  5. Staff may confiscate electronic devices at their discretion.