School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is intended to provide parents and community members with a quick snapshot of information related to individual public schools.  Most data presented in this report are reported for 2011 school year.  For additional information about the school, parents and community members should review the entire SARC or contact the school principal or the district office.


Coutin School is a state certified and WASC-Accredited non-public school special education facility located in the west end of the San Fernando Valley. Coutin School is dedicated to providing a personalized and technologically enhanced education for students with special learning and emotional issues. Coutin services a student population of grades 5 through 12 of all which are referred by local school districts.


  • A small family atmosphere that focuses on meeting the individual academic and educational needs of each student
  • On site educational and clinical services
  • Athletics program
  • Positive rewards system
  • Work abilities program
  • Assistance meeting graduation requirements
  • Assistance preparing for college and/or post secondary vocational education
  • Associated Student Body (ASB)
  • A wide range of extra curricular activities


Coutin School is comprised of 8 classrooms, a computer lab and a multipurpose room. Each class seats a maximum of 12 students. Each class is instructed by a highly qualified credentials teacher and is assisted by at least one full time paraprofessional, which allows for increased teacher supervision and individual assistance to students.   Coutin School provides its students with a curriculum that is in line with state standards necessary to meet the requirements needed to receive a high school diploma.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created for all students to meet their unique academic, behavioral and social emotional needs. Students are placed in classes according to their functional ability and required coursework needed to graduate. In addition to the core curriculum, a variety of elective classes are offered. All students receive weekly therapy per their IEP. Students who qualify for speech therapy receive services on site. All students receive home to school transportation. Coutin School requires all students to participate in a service learning course and complete 100 hours of off campus service learning, which can be completed by participating in an after school job, vocational or community college courses, or a volunteer program.

Coutin School also offers a four week extended school year (ESY) program designed to enrich and strengthen students reading, writing and math skills and prepares students to pass the California High School Exit Exam. ESY courses meet Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) requirements and allow for students to gain credits toward graduation.

As students meet their behavioral and academic goals they may become eligible to transition to dual enrollment. Dual enrollment allows qualified students to enroll in one or two classes at a public school in the afternoon. When the dual enrolled student demonstrates success at both schools, dual enrollment may be increased and/or the student may eventually return to public school full time when it is deemed appropriate.


A student who has been referred by the local school district will need to be interviewed with a parent/guardian by the intake coordinator. The interview along with a record review will determine if Coutin School would be an appropriate placement, and if Coutin School is able to meet the educational and behavioral needs of the perspective student.

For further information on enrollment availability and to schedule an intake meeting, please contact us at 818-992-0301.