Parent’s Association

The Coutin School Parent’s Organization (CSPO) has worked to secure finances through donations and fundraising for a variety of activities, field trips, and supplementary materials. Because of the CSP0, we are able to provide a complete and elaborate Thanksgiving Feast to our students (who often have no Thanksgiving celebrations at home), as well as other celebratory events throughout the year, such as the Halloween Decorating and Costume Contest, the Spring Fling, and the annual Talent Show/Live Night. The CSPO has provided uniforms for our Sports Teams, supplemented field trips for those who can’t afford them, equipped our new Science Lab, and has allowed us to offer a ceramics class by purchasing a kiln and ceramics supplies. Many of our parents are unable to attend CSPO meetings, so we do the best we can to keep lines of communication open by connecting with parents before or after IEPs and other meetings, during special events and activities and by phone calls from school counselors to stay in contact and offer support. Our parents also played a large role in working with the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Team to help us keep our WASC Accreditation.