CSUN Partnership

California State University Northridge


MOSAIC (Mentoring to Overcome Struggles and Inspire Courage) at Northridge State University (CSUN) provides a national model for linking college students with youth at risk for educational failure, gang and family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and emotional trauma. The CSUN students who become Mosaic Mentors are screened through the Sociology Department and are enrolled in a weekly Mosaic Mentor Class that continues their education while they are volunteering. We currently have four Mosaic Mentors at Coutin (our third group/semester) and they are helping encourage our students to stay in school and get a diploma. Our students have also joined the mentors for field trips to CSUN to participate in team building activities and tours of the campus, further emphasizing the idea of continuing their education beyond high school.


CSUN Leadership Class (Diamond University)

Adapted from a program already in use with baseball players at CSUN, “Diamond University,” is a life skills and personal development course that took place on our campus once a week for five weeks. Each Fall, a CSUN Baseball Coach works with a group of our high school students utilizing a diverse curriculum connecting lessons from sports, behavioral sciences and academics to provide successful habits for the broader life. The course is set up to enhance skills such as, time management, communication, listening, prioritization and goal setting. Sports are used to connect with the students in an area that most are familiar with and many enjoy. These skills are relevant to success in sports and are connected to the classroom and life. Students greatly benefit from and enjoy the class, and often take the lessons learned from these five weeks and add them to the life skills they are learning everyday at Coutin.