The counselors at Coutin School are a dedicated group of therapists who are committed to providing the best possible counseling services for the students at Coutin.  The counselors work as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team, collaborating with administrators, faculty, support staff and outside resources to best address the needs of each student.  The counselors, as guided by the goals set up in the IEPs, work in both individual and group settings to assist the students with their social/emotional needs, peer relationships, problem-solving, anger management, vocational goals, self-advocacy, and many other topics tailored to the needs of each student.

Each student who attends our school receives individual counseling sessions each week as written in his or her IEP; students are seen, on average, between 60-120 minutes per week by a counselor in individual and/or group settings. The Therapy Building across the street from the school provides for a comfortable and confidential setting for the counseling sessions.

Although transcripts, scheduling and diplomas are handled by the Principal, counselors attend Credit Checks with each high school student (and the principal) to ensure that each student is on track to graduate with a high school diploma. Students often work with counselors to explore college and vocational options and to create action plans that allow them to reach their goals for life after high school.

The Counseling Office in the main building is also a place for students to drop in if they need someone to talk to in between sessions throughout the week. Parents are also welcome to come by and speak to one of the counselors, the clinical director, or to utilize parent resources.


Emergency Mental Health Resources:

Teen Line: 800/TLC-TEEN or

Youth Crisis Hotline: 800/843.5200

Valley Coordinated Children’s Services: 818/708.4500

For help with a suicidal crisis or other mental health emergency, call? ACCESS at 800 854-7771