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“Coutin School is a private learning environment dedicated to providing a personalized and technologically enhanced education for students with special learning and emotional needs.  We promote effective communicators and problem solvers who will become productive individuals and independent thinkers in the communities in which they live and serve.” – Coutin School Mission Statement

Coutin School LLC is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC).  We are a small, non-public school (NPS) with grades 5-12, averaging about 60 students with special education funding from LAUSD (and other nearby charters and school districts) to attend our school.  Students are eligible to attend and receive special education services through IEPs (Individualized Education Plan).  Most students have an eligibility of Emotionally Disturbed (ED), many have ADHD (under the heading of OHI, or Other Health Impairment), and many also have some other learning disability (under the heading of SLD, of Specific Learning Disability).  Some of our students are currently in, or have come from, residential settings.  Many students live in gang neighborhoods and are in a low socio-economic bracket.  Some students have probation or parole officers, and many have struggled with substance use/abuse.  We are proud of our ability to reach these students who have faced barriers to success. Coutin School offers many programs that work to meet the student’s needs in all facets of their life: Academic, Psychological, and Social.


Unlike some other special education schools, we place students according to both their functioning and grade level.  Students move from class to class with different teachers throughout the day, similar to the environment of public schools, making the potential transition to public school later on less challenging. Coutin provides small classroom sizes that help facilitate individual instruction. Each class has both a Special Education Credentialed Teacher and a highly qualified and trained Teacher Assistant. An increasing number of classrooms are equipped with smart boards, helping our faculty utilize cutting edge technology to teach our students. In addition to the general curriculum, Coutin School offers a 5-week Life Skills Course, a 5-week Service Learning Course, Awards Assemblies and Field Trips to local museums.  We also provide a diverse art program (including ceramics), and are in the process of completing our new Science Lab.


Each student who attends our school receives individual counseling sessions each week as written in his or her IEP; students are seen, on average, between 60-120 minutes per week by a counselor in individual and/or group settings. Counselors focus on emotional issues that interfere with the student’s ability to access the academic curriculum and interact in a socially appropriate manner. Counselors often fulfill the role of individual therapist, group therapist, sometimes a vocational counselor, sometimes advocate, sometimes social worker, and more. All counselors at Coutin School are MFT interns who are registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, and are supervised by the Clinical Director.


Coutin School believes that a well-rounded individual implies a student who can be socially and behaviorally appropriate in all aspects of their lives.  We encourage student’s respect for each other by creating homeroom classroom activities and contests, discussing proper use of language, and meetings with students and administration. Additionally, Coutin has an annual Talent Show, Mini-Courses, Beach Trips, School Dances, Seasonal Celebrations, Organized Sports (including other schools) and Bi-monthly trips to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Life Skills/Workability

Life Skills and Workability are available to all high school students. During grades 9 – 12, they enter a 5-week comprehensive Life Skills course. Courses are taught specific to each grade level, and helps students write resumes, participate in mock interviews, utilize the COPS (Career Occupational Preference System) interest inventory, watch videos and hear speakers on the topics of workplace ethics, safety, conduct, and career exploration. In addition, they’re also taught how to obtain their California ID and other life skill activities.

The Workability Program also offers students job experience.  Students are placed at local job sites, and receive a minimum wage paycheck for a specified amount of hours.  A student’s eligibility in the job placement program is based on age (16 years or older), length at Coutin (minimum of 2 months) and is demonstrating appropriate behavior, attendance, and grades.

For more information about Coutin School, or if you are interested in a tour or our school, please call our Office Manager, Bonnae Mastroianni at (818) 992-0301.